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100% Recycled Teakwood

Allure – a registered trademark ® – is expertly crafted to our own idea and original design in Indonesia, from 100% recycled A-quality teakwood. The extraordinary properties of oil-containing teak wood, combined with the innovative, stable and solid construction – exclusively machine-made with appropriate mortise and tenon joints and stainless steel fittings – guarantee a very long life. All this preserves the environment as much as possible.

100% recycled teakwood

Indonesian Legal Wood

All wood products imported by Allure from Indonesia bear the V-Legal/FLEGT document, fulfilling the latest European Wood Regulation rules in force since November 15, 2016, which have been in effect since March 3, 2013. For compliance with this V-Legal/FLEGT document, all containers are carefully checked before shipping by the government in Indonesia, for the legal origin of the wood products. Subsequently, in the Netherlands, the NVWA (= Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority), in cooperation with Customs, still checks.

Indonesian Legal Wood

Professionally Crafted

Because of the reuse, traditional repairs may be visible, but they contribute to the refined character of the Allure furniture. The teak wood is kiln dried. Nevertheless, due to weathering and the natural action of teak, slight cracking may occur, which is not a problem at all for the durability. Furthermore, all Allure furniture is always equipped with handy adjustable feet, which can prevent wobbling.

Professionally crafted

Value for Money

Your free time is precious and deserves absolute top quality, which is why “Value for Money” has been our motto since 1980. In May 2002, this was confirmed by the Consumers’ Association when it declared the Allure Classic 3-seater garden bench the best buy. Back then, Allure was already the best buy, and more than 20 years later, the best of Allure is still on sale!

Value for money